Disney Dvds For Sale

We all love our dvds, especially the all time classic disney ones 🙂

We all have our favourites, Remember Snow White and the seven dwarfs ( i loved the song whistle while you work with the dwarfs returning home to snow white) or what about the lion king – oh my gosh – it was so sad when mufassa died pumbas father made me cry. We all have our favourites.

If you are looking for disney dvds to buy online then i have my favourite places – here is my top 5 places i find disney dvds for sale

  1. Blaze Dvds – Cheap and Cheerful
  2. Ebay – I HATE BIDDING i always lose – always go for buy it now
  3. Amazon – I love amazon – so fast
  4. Play.com – Nice and Cheap
  5. Music magpie– very cheap, fast and a good collection

Anyways i hope you liked my list and if you have any questions about disney dvds please post your comments:)

thanks again