Leverage Your Email Signature With a Virtual Suggestion Box

Email is a very powerful communication tool. It’s fast, easy, convenient and portable. Other than that, business people make use of email as a marketing tool in different ways. One is by maximising the use of email signatures. Anything can be included in an email signature – job title, contact information, quote, etc. Why not use it as a means to gather feedback through a link to your Virtual Suggestion Box online? This suggestion box allows your customers and coworkers to provide comments, feedback and suggestions anonymously, and it’s done online. A virtual suggestion box link in your signature lets them know that you are open to feedback and you can make real-time improvements with their suggestions. Visit us to know more about incorporating the link to your email signature.

Employees are the main drivers of the business; hence, their development should be a priority. Development plans will come from knowing the strengths and opportunities of the employees. And this can be done by doing 360 reviews or performance reviews of the employees. Businesses are faced with several options when it comes to selecting the best solution to do these reviews. An expert in market research and highly-knowledgeable in all these software solutions will be able to recommend the right tool that will best fit your business needs.

Employees tend to work best in companies where they feel their opinions are being valued, where their voices are heard. A company with a staff suggestion box is a good example of this. But some still doubt the anonymity of these physical staff suggestion boxes. Some employees fear the possibility of retaliation especially if all they can say are negative comments and feedback. Suggestion Guru offers a solution to this concern – the virtual suggestion box. This suggestion box comes in different implementations depending on the needs of the company. Check with us to see which one fits your business best.

Indeed, majority of companies are using certain feedback tools to gather 360 feedback, employee satisfaction surveys, employee ideas, etc. But are they honestly using the information gathered to improve their processes? Effective employee feedback management is as important as gathering employee feedback. Getting the thoughts of the employees will be useless if the information was not used appropriately. Thanks for reading my article.